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" Sometimes Kate was in tears, other times I was, and occasionally we both were. She is beautiful, tremendously talented and is really down to earth.And she just so happens to have been the first, too.

"But more so than that, I'm here with my mother. It's a big show."Though he brought his mom as a date, Di Caprio was also joined by Winslet on the red carpet.Leonardo Di Caprio enjoys meeting beautiful women on boats – anyone who has ever seen paparazzi photographs of the 41-year-old in his spare time could tell you that.But despite the endless run of supermodels, actresses and socialites who have latched on to his arm on various vessels over the years, only one (his mother aside), seems to have stayed the course.There was Leo, trussed up in a dinner jacket and reciting his speech with all the calm and poise of a man who has had too much time to practise, when the camera deliberately cut to a tearful Kate (herself a nominee, losing to Alicia Vikander in the Best Supporting Actress category).Eyes fixed on stage, hands clasped in prayer, rocking back and forth: in another context, Winslet might have looked more like a deranged racehorse owner – but this was the Oscars, so any melodrama is forgiven.

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To reach the on-call counselor, contact your Resident Assistant or other residential life staff or Campus Public Safety to page us: (802) 865-6465.

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Earlier a nursery assistant told her: 'She’s crying, she’s breath..she’s crying and she seems to be breathing.

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Tyler Perry and his longtime girlfriend Gelila Bekele welcomed a baby boy named Aman Tyler Perry!

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Links which point to a *file may also be added as long as the contained list has a supported format.

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While Andrew was not necessarily looking for a new long term relationship, he did enjoy the company of women and loved to talk to them.

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